Skype Voice Call Recorder in MP3 format

If you are working with clients abroad, then chances are that you use Skype call features to communicate with them. While text based chat has an advantage of logging everything, which you can even search and refer later, as and when required. Skype voice calls does not have this ability, this is the main reason, Read more about Skype Voice Call Recorder in MP3 format[…]

Great presentation style of Steve Jobs

If you have watched Apple CEO Steve Jobs presenting Apple’s new products. Then chances are you have noted the enthusiasm and energy he brings on the stage. He talks about every small feature like it is the greatest thing in this world. The crisp, well compiled and well presented key notes of the Apple product Read more about Great presentation style of Steve Jobs[…]

The hype around Apple Tablet

In few hours, Apple is going to release there much awaited touch screen tablet PC in few hours from now, if the hype to be believed. I am regular follower of and and since last many days everyone is talking and discussing about this event. They are so excited that everyone is sharing Read more about The hype around Apple Tablet[…]

New All in one Instant Messenger Client Digsby

Few weeks back when I was busy playing Mafia wars on facebook, one day while searching for free reward points, I landed to this fantastic application – Digsby. They were giving one reward point for just downloading the application for free. I downloaded without thinking over a single second, I thought I may not use it but Read more about New All in one Instant Messenger Client Digsby[…]

Track your time by TimeEdition

As a freelancer, I felt need of a time tracking application to track the actual hours spend on different projects. I googled for a free application and it took time to get to the right application made for exactly my requirement. Yes I got one and that also for FREE at – It allows Read more about Track your time by TimeEdition[…]

Some Indian developers are spoiling the freelance market

Just now I was going through the jobs posted on oDesk website and was very much surprised to see that many of the buyers have specifically mentioned that they do not want to work with Indian developers. It came as a surprise to me, as I was thinking that we are among the best minds Read more about Some Indian developers are spoiling the freelance market[…]