Simple Websites

Static websites are most common and quick way to get online. They contain only 4-5 pages of general information about you or your business and a contact form where visitor can submit the contact details, if needed. There is no CMS to manage the site content online.

This is comparatively easy to develop and put online and generally take 2-3 weeks of time.

Static website is suitable for persons or business who does not have any existing online presence. You can also opt for a new fresh website even if you have an existing site which you do not like.


Blogs have become very popular to present your ideas to the world. Blogs enable you to share anything you have in mind with world, and attract user reactions.

If you have a Business then you can use a Blog to effectively communicate with your customers and partners. This gives an easy way to get customer feedback  on any issue or put your point forward on anything.

To start a blog you need following thing:

  • Domain
  • Hosting Service
  • WordPress
  • Design/Themes
  • Customization

Domain and Hosting would cost you extra.

WordPress is available free for everyone. It is the best open source blogging software out there. For blog layout/design you can select a theme from thousands of free available from WordPress community. Or if you can buy a ready to install theme at nominal cost from different sources. We can design custom themes for your taste, if you need.