Response to job posting

We have posted requirements for Jr. Web Developer and PHP Developer on, and receiving overwhelming response on email. Earlier we were happy that we are getting so many interests in our openings. But after reviewing the applications, we found that many of them are not according to the requirements and looks like candidates are...

Generate SPF Record

SPF records are required for the EMail address verification by most of the email servers now a days. To help you generate the correct SPF record for your domain, you can use the below SPF record generator:  

Fix Error 0x80070424 on windows

Recently while visiting a website I got infected by Live Security Platinum malware which disabled all security services on my PC. I was able to remove this using the free Malware Bytes Anti spyware tool. But the Windows firewall and McAfee firewall were unable to run due to some bugs made in the windows. As...

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