3 Page Site Generator – CakePHP Application

This application is built as a generator application for a simple 3 page HTML site. The template is same for generated sites, but the images, text and contact details are different. It allows the administrator to manage Real Estate Agents and multiple properties under each of them. Each property has some related picture, which form image gallery for the property. The application generates the HTML code along with the CSS, JS and image files related with the property and allows user to download the same as zip file. The user can unzip the file to any web server root and the page will start working.

It is developed using CakePHP, and uses views and layouts for generated site pages. So, if user wants to change the layout of a page then he just needs to modify the view file and it will be reflected in the generated files. User can also select different CSS files to use with each property site.

To ease off the management of lots of images for property gallery – the application uses the uploadify jQuery plugin – which supports multiple file uploads. Along with this user can also reorder the images after upload using drag and drop feature – implemented in jQuery js library.

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