New All in one Instant Messenger Client Digsby

Few weeks back when I was busy playing Mafia wars on facebook, one day while searching for free reward points, I landed to this fantastic application – Digsby. They were giving one reward point for just downloading the application for free. I downloaded without thinking over a single second, I thought I may not use it but I needed that reward point.

After downloading it, I thought to give it a try, so I installed it and voila…. rest is history. It has a cool interface, great features with ability to integrate social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. It has all the features and configuration options you will ever need to customize it. Audio and Video chat is integrated using FREE online service named “tokbox”. What more you can even write email messages from within the chat client and reply to your messages. In short you can check your emails on Yahoo, Google, MSN in the chat client and reply or send a new one to your contacts right there.

And to make it available to chat with everyone, Digsby also supports a widget box, which you can place on any website, blog, social sites and let others chat with you without even registering for any service. The box shown in the right column of this page is from Digsby, if you need to discuss anything with me just click on it.

Earlier I were using pidgin, it has great features but the interface is rather outdated and it lacked audio/video chat. I have also faced issues sharing files with yahoo contacts. But after using Digsby, I forgot others. It is a great tool to be in contact with your friends, client and get updates from your social profiles right on your desktop.

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