The (not so) Great Google Wave

The day I first heard about Google Wave I was very excited like most of you and tried to experience the service. Then I came to know that it is not still open for public and I need to be invited from some one who already has a Google wave account. And I was surprised yesterday when one of my friend invited me from out of the blue to join Google Wave.

I did not took a second and ride on the wave. It is great as told by Google in their loooooooooooooonnnng developer preview video. It has all new features which we have not even thought of. I do not know how the folks at Google think out of the box and do something new every time. But this is for what Google pays to them huge checks every month.

Anyway I am just getting hold of the things and thinking how I can use it to communicate with others.

We can also develop customized tools called Gadgets to add new services using Google Wave API. It is another new platform after iPhone and Android where all developers will flock to get the early advantage. This will be another money laundering cow for all developers. Something new to work with and earn money for providing services to enhance the web experience for everyone.

But I am worried that existing Google services like gmail, calendar and Google talk among others are not integrated with it. May be they are giving some time to stabilize the system then add new features and old services. I will be waiting for this to happen. After all if it becomes the default communication tool in future then I would not like to go to gmail to access my thousands of email that i have collected in last 5 years. They must make that accessible from wave, if they want the existing Google users to switch to wave.

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