Type in your language using Microsoft Indic Language Input tool

Though most of my work involves use of English as primary language, my mother tongue is Hindi. So when I want to write blog posts or some other personal communication with my closed friends, sometimes I feel the need to be able to type in Hindi. Earlier I was using Google Transliterate tool, but that required 2-3 steps for this. First I need to open the web app of Google then type there and then copy and paste it in required location. This also caused some font issues in my office tool LibreOffice.

So I started looking for some onscreen keyboard using which I can directly type in Hindi. While Googling about this, I stumbled upon this tool from Microsoft itself which directly enables me to input text in Hindi using the transliteration. Meaning I need to type in English the word as it is pronounced in Hindi and the tool automatically converts that to Hindi font. And using this I can type in Hindi at any place in Windows Operating system. That was exactly what I needed, and I was surprised how I did not know about this. I never heard or read about this though I have subscribed for almost all technology blogs and news sites.

Anyway – I thought it may be of help to someone reached here – you can download the tool for your language here – http://www.bhashaindia.com/ilit/Hindi.aspx. The link is for Hindi language tool but you can find on the same page input tool for other languages like – Bengali, Gujrati, Kannada, Malyalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.

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