The hype around Apple Tablet

In few hours, Apple is going to release there much awaited touch screen tablet PC in few hours from now, if the hype to be believed. I am regular follower of and and since last many days everyone is talking and discussing about this event. They are so excited that everyone is sharing their thought about the features they can expect from Apple products – even remedy from Cancer, can you believe this.

Apple is famous for keeping secrets and sue  anyone who broke it out,  this itself creates lots of hype about their products. Everyone keeps guessing and it is a fact that they just leave us amazed with their products. The presentation style of Steve Jobs is already acclaimed lots of praise for crisp and concise points.

I am keeping my fingers crossed…

Update: The tablet is launched and the most shocking factor was not the tablet (obviously named iPad) itself but the price. Yes Apple announced that the new iPad base model will be sold at just USD499 and top model will be USD829.  That is quite cheep looking at the high pricing of other apple products. But the iPad does not have any other great features. It is just and iPod touch with big screen of 9.7 inches, that’s it.

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