Skype Voice Call Recorder in MP3 format

If you are working with clients abroad, then chances are that you use Skype call features to communicate with them. While text based chat has an advantage of logging everything, which you can even search and refer later, as and when required. Skype voice calls does not have this ability, this is the main reason, when someone asks me to make a call I try to avoid it, if possible.

But sometimes, it is very useful and necessity to make a call. Then either you have to make quick notes during the call to remember important points OR try to memorize the things. Here comes the need for a call recorder, so when you talk on Skype you can concentrate on the talk and not on making notes.

While there are many recorder applications available as Skype extras, all of them are either paid or limited by call time. While looking for a free solution for this, I landed on  “MP3 Skype Recorder”, which is a free windows application. Just download and install it. It will record all voice calls on Skype automatically without your interference and after the call ends, you can save the file with proper file name.

It sits in the system tray where you can start or stop the call recording. When call recording is on then all call are recorded automatically and saved. While you still can not search inside the call content (I do not  know if that is possible as of now). You can refer to the call and listen to it in your favorite mp3 player. I found it quite useful and hope the same for you.

You can visit the MP3 Skype Recorder website for more information and application download.

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