is a women specific products marketplace. Interested sellers can join us and list their products for our users. You can add any type of products for women. 

At you are free to:

  • Set the price of the product.
  • Select images (acceptable for public use)
  • Add products as you want.
  • Set your own shipping cost.
  • Set your own shipping and return terms and conditions.

Why ZamIndia?

We know there are many other similar platforms for online business. Here are the benefits that you get with

  • Simple and Easy setup.
  • Full control over your products data including pictures and prices.
  • Set your own terms and conditions for shipping and returns.
  • Joining is FREE and we charge only a SMALL fixed amount as fee per order.
  • Option - to link your bank account to get the customer payment directly in your account, without any intermediary.
  • Manage shipping yourself with your preferred shipping partner.
  • No partiality in listing and search results. No preferred seller concept.
  • Customers can directly search for you from our home page, no diversion or confusion between products from different sellers.

How to Join?

To join as a seller, you need to have:

  • Valid and active GST registration.
  • A Bank account with cancelled cheque.
  • PAN
  • Image of your signature on white paper.

With all the documents ready with you, you can just submit the simple registration form at and after that upload the documents in PDF or Image format to complete the registration. We will review the documents and other details and your account will be activated if everything is fine.

This takes less than 24 hours. And after your account is active, you can start adding products to sell.


What you get?

At our platform, as a seller you will have access to our advanced Seller panel which will allow you to do most of the day to day tasks related to your seller account.

It will allow you to have access to the following features:

  • Add/Manage products.
  • Set regular price and/or sale price anytime as you want.
  • Check your customer details. 
  • Check pending orders, confirmed orders etc.
  • Generate GST invoices for the sold items/orders.
  • Update the shipping tracking - customer alert will be sent on Email and SMS.
  • Check the fee due and payout history for your account.