What we can do for you?

E-Commerce Application

We can help you build a E-Commerce application based on your requirements.

Our custom built e-commerce application has following features:

  • Product management - Attributes like Color, Size, Style, Price, Inventory, Setup Sale, Shipping etc.
  • Customer Management - Multiple Addresses, Order history, Mobile number verified.
  • Order Management - Pending orders, Completed Orders, Shipping Update, Invoice Generation, etc.
  • SMS Gateway Integration - Mobile based login and account creation, Order/Shipping updates on SMS.
  • Transactional Emails Integration - Integration of transactional email services for the quick and guaranteed delivery of emails.
  • Payment Gateway Integration - Customers can place Cash on delivery or Prepaid orders.
  • Tagged products - Group selected products in a specific category for custom promotions,.

And if you are looking for prebuilt third party solutions, then also we can help you build a website of your dream, using the tools below:

  • Magento
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • etc.

These are either free or paid software platforms which could be used to built an E-Commerce application quickly. So just let us know what is your preference and vision of your dream application and we will provide you the best solution possible. 

ERP Applications

We have worked on large ERP web application for 10 years now. And we know - how to make it robust and scalable. We have built a n ERP application with features as given below:

  • Multiple User roles - And permission based access to each module.
  • Integration with other ERP software -  like JD Enterprise or Infor.SX.
  • Branches - Data specific to branches, sales/orders, reporting, sales persons attached to branches.
  • Inventory Management - using mobile app integrated with main application. The app works on a normal mobile device or QR code scanners. 
  • Order management - Creating order, Picking Order, Delivery of Order, Proof of delivery.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Module - View and mange customer data, their orders, Multiple Addresses for customers, Visits/Check-in record tracking.
  • Warehouse management - Bin-locations, Pallets, Lotted and Non Lotted products, Label printing with QR Code/Barcode, on custom label printers.
  • Document Management - Upload/Scan Documents -  Vendor Invoices, Purchase Orders or any other document, Send to email from App, 
  • Third Party Integrations - Google OAuth API, Google Drive, Google Maps etc.
  • Enterprise Wide Chat and file sharing - Instant notifications about any updates, alerts etc.

This application is developed using years of dedication and hard work by our team members. The technology stack used is:  PHP, MySql, Bootstrap and jQuery. 

We can customize the application based on your usage requirements and add/remove modules as needed. For pricing details and other discussion please feel free to email us at info@nirvaat.com.

Business Website

In today's world no matter how big or small your business is, having its presence in virtual world is most important. It helps your customers to know about you from their handheld devices and desktops. They can reach you from comfort of their home/office any time of day. Having a good business website also helps in building your brand value.

To start with, it contains only 4-5 pages of general information about you or your business and a contact form where visitor can submit the contact details, if needed. We can help you in get up and running quickly.


Blogs are very popular among new generation, as it gives them the ability to reach a large number of audience and connect with the visitors through messages and contact forms.

You can also use blogs as a part of your e-commerce website, business website to keep the users updated about the new progress or features you are making for the users. Like Magento is for e-commerce, WordPress is for blogs. We can help you setup your self hosted blog with your preferred design, with only features that you want to have.