E-Commerce Application

We have helped our clients to build online e-commerce stores using Magento and WordPress. Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform to help users create online shops. With ease of use it also provides lots of customization options.

And even though WordPress is a simple site CMS it can be easily extended to work as full fledged e-commerce application using third party plugins like wp-ecommerce or woocommerce. If you want to create a simple online shop with limited products and options, then this may be your best bet.

We can also help you create custom developed e-commerce applications based on your requirements.

Intranet Applications

Intranet application is primarily a closed user group application. You can develop any kind of features specifically needed by your team and add/remove extra features as per your requirements. They are easy to use manage and help automate many tasks as well as provide a great ability to analyze different data sets, to help you make better decisions. 

We have expertise in developing Intranet applications using the web based technologies like PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS and jQuery. These are secured login only applications which are not accessible to public visitors. If you have multiple offices in different locations then Intranet application is great help in streamline the data flow of whole organization.

Business Website

In today's world no matter how big or small your business is, having its presence in virtual world is most important. It helps your customers to know about you from their handheld devices and desktops. They can reach you from comfort of their home/office any time of day. Having a good business website also helps in building your brand value.

To start with, it contains only 4-5 pages of general information about you or your business and a contact form where visitor can submit the contact details, if needed. We can help you in get up and running quickly.


Blogs are very popular among new generation, as it gives them the ability to reach a large number of audience and connect with the visitors through messages and contact forms.

You can also use blogs as a part of your e-commerce website, business website to keep the users updated about the new progress or features you are making for the users. Like Magento is for e-commerce, WordPress is for blogs. We can help you setup your self hosted blog with your preferred design, with only features that you want to have.