E-Commerce Application

We develop quality e-commerce solutions for your requirements. Depending on your need and budget we can help you in creating a customized solution as per your specific need, or use a third party solution like Magento, Woo-Commerce and customize it with your branding and requirements.

E-commerce solutions also need payment gateway integration like Paypal, credit cards processing and direct bank debits. We have integrated Paypal, Authorize.net, Chargify and Stripe payment solutions for our clients in the past.

An e-commerce website has following features:

  1. Original Design made for you.
  2. Search engine friendly pages and URLs.
  3. Mobile optimized.
  4. Payment Gateway Integration.
  5. Quick to load for end user.
  6. Track and log user activity.
  7. Shopping cart functionality
  8. Easy to maintain.

Magento Commerce

Magento CMS is the most popular CMS for building e-commerce websites. It has almost every feature you may need to run your online shopping website. The number of tweaking options may be overwhelming to some, but Magento is highly configurable and customizable, while maintaining the security and reliability.

But whatever feature they may have the cannot have all of them. So we are here to help you with this. Depending on your requirements, we can:

  • Develop new themes or customize existing themes.
  • Created observers to modify the flow of the application as per your requirements.
  • Create custom modules to enhance website functionality.
  • Add custom fields to Products and/or Customer data to store new data points you may need.

WordPress e-Commerce

While Magento is there for you to create and manage large website with hundreds of products. But sometimes you may need only a small show withe limited products and basic features. Then using Magento will be tedious to manage and operate, while giving no extra benefits.

So you can use WordPress CMS with third party plug-ins like Woo-Commerce or WP-Ecommerce etc. to create your website and e-commerce business.

  • Easy to manage and maintain.
  • Easy learning.
  • Third party plugins are available in abundance to virtually add any kind of new features you may need.
  • Great CMS to manage static content and blog sections.

We can even help you migrate the WordPress based commerce site to Magento, if and when you need. We have successfully completed this for our clients in the past.