Intranet Applications

An intranet application is a web application used primarily by the staff of an organization. We have expertise in developing Intranet applications using the web based technologies PHP, MySql, HTML, CSS and jQuery. These are secured login only applications which are not accessible to public visitors. If you have multiple offices in different locations then Intranet application is great help in streamline the data flow of whole organization. Any user accessing the application has latest information on his/her screen.

As all data is centralized it is easy to secure, backup and replicate, if needed. Any changes, updates are easy to apply on one location and it updates for every user.

The advantages to utilizing an intranet web application over other forms of application software are many.

  • No additional costly software or hardware requirements
  • Runs on almost all OS environments
  • Only requires a web browser to access (IE, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla) and a web server hosted locally or externally, all of which you already own and in most cases is installed by default
  • Does not require Internet access (if hosted locally).
  • Modifications and maintenance are simple and instant
  • Built with very common development tools (PHP, MySql and HTML) which means finding someone to support it long term will not be difficult and costly
  • Easy and quick to develop compared to software applications.
  • Common web look and feel
  • Design and layout are highly customizable
  • Excellent for mobile development as it can be made available anywhere, anytime with the proper security.
  • Mobile friendly users can access on mobile devices also, without any additional work.