Infor SX – ERP Web Application and Reporting

We have built a large application for one of our clients, it works as a web interface to their ERP system by Infor-SX.

This project integrates SX APi and ODBC data sources to get the data. And uses an MSSQL database as intermediate summary data source. It also integrates with APIs for Google Maps, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Authentication and emails. 

In this app we have multiple user roles based on the organization structure and each role has specific defined access to each and every page. The roles are: 

  • Super Administrator
  • Corporate Top Level 
  • Regional Managers
  • Branch Managers
  • Managers
  • Accounts
  • Sales Reps – Inside/Outside
  • Delivery Person.
  • General Staff

The main application has few Mobile specific applications also integrated with it. Some of which are:

  • Product Management
  • Order Picking.
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Management
  • Delivery Driver App
  • Product Palletizer
  • Product Receiving

The application is built on custom framework for better control and security. We have developed an in-house framework for developing this application. Some of the special features of the application are:

  • QR Code Scanning on mobile on browser.
  • Document Scan, Uploading and email using Web-Twain tool provided by  DynamSoft.
  • Chart and Graphs display using AMCharts Library.
  • Document and Videos managed on Google Drive Account – uploaded and loaded as needed.
  • Custom-built Real-time chat system for organization’s internal use.
  • Real time location tracking of Delivery Drivers using PWA app. and display of the location of all drivers on a Google Map when needed.
  • Performance and Projection reports on Sales & Inventory.
  • PDF files conversion to Image and then read the text content in the file.
  • Application wide real time alerts to all logged users, pushed by Admin.
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