– Photo Review Application or YAM in short allows users to upload their pictures and add a question with each set of photos. Then any visitor of the site can post their answer to the user question anonymously. Users can view the details of answer given and percentage of users who selected different answers.

It is a custom developed PHP website using MySql as database back-end. The challenging part of the application was to generate random questions for visitor on home page load and keep it changing without page refresh, as soon as the user votes for a question. It uses jQuery library for handling JS effects and voting. As application deals with lots of images also – image resizing and optimization is done when user upload new images.

Application has predefined set of questions for users to chose from, when creating a new campaign, and option to add custom question and answers also.

It is a great application and I enjoyed working on it a lot. The development is still on.


  1. CuffLinksMay 5, 2010

    Hi there

    We would like to invite you to my Elance project. Please see link below:

    Project name: Knowledge Sharing Site – WordPress build
    Buyer ID: cufflinks

    The comments and feedback you had were positive and we would be interested in your work.


  2. RajendraMay 5, 2010

    Thanks for inviting me for placing a bid on your job. But I am sorry to say that at present I am very busy with other jobs at hand.

    I have reviewed your project earlier also, as you invited me on Elance to place bid, but to me it looks you have a very low budget also. For a WordPress site including design, $200 is not enough. It could only be possible if you are ready to use a third party free/paid theme for the site and you have it with you.

    If you like we can discuss further on Elance PMB.



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